About us

We started Jeep Modification Business since 1985. We started from modifications of Army Jeeps. These Jeep models include Mahindra, Major DI & Commander Jeeps. We started with a small workshop with help of 3 Mechanics.

Now our workshop is extended and we have the staff of 10 peoples, which includes Managers, Mechanics, Helpers, Denters & Painters. All our staff working hard to produce the best quality Jeep for you.

We wish to increase our Jeep Modification business and also visiting throughout the country regularly. Our purpose of the visit is to look on available Jeep Models and enquire about good spare parts. We are also interesting to look at available Jeep Engines from various companies.

All this help us to create/produce the best Jeep Model and the same time, this help to find us good customers like you!

image source: autocarindia.com